Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Spaceman 2

My Spaceman now travelling lookin for sign of life in the uncharted planet he crashed into.

Its been a while I can play again on colors but still need more ref and inspiration from the classic masters ^_^

Friday, November 2, 2012

The Miner

Ah, Halloween the time of spooks and things bump in the night. Let us then take another stroll down to the Corpse City >:D

As we take a few turns on the path to the old abandon mine shafts Here we met another citizen of the lost city, The Miner, this huge being a 7 footer calmy wanders the old mine. A few non "nautral born" of the city, he was a flesh golem created years ago by an alchemist, when he died his creation continues to function guarding the area from any thrill seekers or treasure hunters.

He wasnt created a mindless creature, he had free will and it is just he knows it is imposible to live at the surface as his kind would considered as a monster.

Some would accidentally stumbled the area only to be greeted by this behemouth and fainted.

The Grinner wouldn't dare go to the mine area since The Miner's intimidation is much more menacing than him.

More to cum!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Dreams and Nightmares

Something base on my weird dreams usually on my hot summer nights and the temp is frikkin hot!!! I use basic brushes and gray colors to create these art :)





Monday, March 26, 2012

The Wurm

This is what I get for getting sick, dreams and nightmares rool into one, I wish it wont ALWAYS have to be sick to do this ^^;

Within the old catacombs within the city cemetery and Abbey, tales of a hideous creature known as "The Wurm" said to haunt it. They say the creature devour corpses and those who venture foolishly in the catacombs at night.

Few grave robbers live to tell the tale. As they witness their friends got caught and drag deep into the dark catacombs, their scream can be heard as it slowly fades as they run back to the surface. They describe it as an "abomination", a monsters whos body was made entirely of corpses it consume.

The being is actually make up of millions of micro organism, much like a jellyfish having a hive mind, they construct their body using masonry, corpses, anything they can caught and touch. They rarely interact with humans, such case is due to their constant need to reproduce, the bigger the Wurm, the stronger its intellect
some could even manage to speak!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Vann and the gang T-shirt

  Want a Vann of your own? visit Cafe Press for your personal Vann on your t-shirt, mug..etc :D