Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wulf The Barbarian

My friend, Dinosaurprince gave me a copy of a classic comic by Atlas Comics, entitled Wulf The Barbarian.

Its an adventure story of sword and sorcery as Wulf tries to reclaim his kingdom from a ruthless sorcerer.

But what caught my attention was in this story: men wear skirt! or you might say tunic. :D

It didnt take long for me to get into high gear to draw some tasty fanart of the hero :D. Enjoy!

Wulf in his basic 'civilian clothes.

And his battle gear.

I'm sure you'll be expecting me draw him like this already. :D

Fantasies are awesome to read especially classics the old ways of story telling and how they speak adds the thrill in the story. Other classic like Conan or John Carter from Mars :) and Red Sonja are worth reading also.Some are on a come back limited series which is nice.

Hope more will be as well :)

Wulf The Barbarian © 1975 Larry Hama / ATLAS COMICS / Seaboard Periodicals, Inc.


  1. Awesome stuff man! I am glad you liked it. I still have to read it beyond the first few pages! I love how naughty he looks when he is naked! Sexy head pose. It's a shame there was so few issues made.

  2. @DP , from the credit on the first was a short series of 6

  3. I like what you have here, Fallen. :)

  4. I think only 4 ever came out. There was one story featured in another title as well. I will have to hunt it down. :)

  5. @Guytoonist, thanks.

    @Dp, oh I see thansk for the info.

    - FallenAngel :D