Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Pumpkin King

I create Pumpkin King as an extra character background for my friend DP commission of his character, Belvadar which can be seen HEREl. He then bless him with the name Pumpkin King, the name really stuck to us so I write up a small poem for him and thanks DP for the proof reading ^_^.

Happy Halloween Guys and Gals! ^_^

 The Pumpkin King

In the night of Halloween, kids gather in the street.
Eager to see the host and meet.
Down the lonely woods footsteps are heard.

With a skippity hop-hop he comes,
And a laugh of Hi-hi-ha-ha-ho!
The Pumpkin King has arrives hi-ho!

Kids cheer as he skips and hops.
"Now children," he said without a stop.
"Catch me if you can!

With joy and laughter the kids run after him.
Around town they went,
To catch the Pumpkin King, he's not easily spent.

Tired children catch him not.
The King goes a hi-hi-ha-ha-ho!
For no one can catch the King hi-ho!

A jolly flip and a quick tap,
The Pumpkin King throws out a huge candy sack.
A gift to you young kiddies! He said with a snap

Thanks again this year, I had fun!
Let see each other next year to come!
With a laugh of Hi-hi-ha-ha-ho!
The Pumpkin King went and go!


  1. Wonderful poem man!!! It's a holiday classic already! :D You need to do a book!!!!

    1. And your good to be a reviewer for a game site :D

  2. If you guys just want to spam than putting a decent comment, I suggest you bug off!